Why is Chaga necessary?

Why is Chaga necessary?

Our winters have become quite mild in recent years. Bears and other wild animals have a harder time hibernating. And thanks to the warmer and wetter winter weather, viruses and bacteria have more favorable conditions for spreading, so there is a greater chance of people getting sick. A small cold or cough that lasts for a long time can become quite annoying. You are as if healthy, but small sniffles and coughs become physically and mentally exhausting.

The health-improving, warming and all-healing sun is still low and summer is still a few months away. Our forefathers already knew that help against many problems can be found in the forest. And not only through plants or coal, but also a very powerful representative of the mushroom kingdom has moved into our forests.

Commonly known as Chaga, we have a black-eyed goat with its own name. It is this mushroom that can be the solution to the previously described problems… or, well, do you know whether the bear and other wild animals get a better winter’s sleep thanks to the black wolf, but it gives people just enough extra power to resist various diseases and maybe get over that annoying little cough or runny nose . Well, you sniff for a long time, your nose is already irritated red from the salves. The double extract of black-eyed goat, or chaga, is particularly effective.

The powder that dissolves in a hot drink is more effective and convenient to administer than the mushroom pulp. It is especially easy to make it part of, for example, your morning coffee. It’s time to give your health, at the end of winter, an extra boost to face the spring healthier.

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