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Ehebear is a brand that values truth, wisdom, beauty and the authenticity of it all. The courage to do things differently and create something new!

Ehe? (Meaning authentic)!

Jewelry and authenticity are awesome. Handcrafts are one of the most beautiful and most unique products in this world. Every artist and his handwriting is special. Be it a bracelet or a piece of furniture at home. The truth is genuine, beauty is genuine, and a genuine person is rare.


The bear has been considered a symbol of awakening, spirituality and physical strength. The bear that woke up from hibernation has had time to think deeply, it looks at the world with a new and more intelligent look. This is why the polar bear represents deep inner wisdom in shamanic culture. A healthy, strong and thoughtful person is like a bear who knows how to resist physical tests and diseases. 

Ehebear? Nature and its power to bring together as jewelry and creation. To introduce people to the strength, focus and health found in nature. Of course, eating only extracts, so to speak, is not the key to success, but also movement and overcoming discomfort. Healthy eating, mind divorce and beneficial brain work.

To the fungus

Powerful natural mushroom extracts available while staying comfortably at home.